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Hp scanjet 3400c драйвер для windows 8 x64

Название: Hp scanjet 3400c драйвер для windows 8 x64
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Hewlett Packard (HP) drivers - Hewlett Packard (HP) Scanner Drivers

I have an very old 9c with a SCSI connection. I use an Adaptec AHA 7995UW/B SCSI card with the vista driver, and an XP driver for the 9c (scanjet9c ) which I think I got from CNET.
The scanner seems to work better than it did with XP!

HP ScanJet 3400c Driver for Windows 10, macOS & more | VueScan

Download and install IRFANVIEW plugins incl., select WIA scanjet G8565 in the twain section and you will be abble to scan directly to PDF.

HP Scanners - HP Store Malaysia

Above this topic or here is the list of compatible or not compatible HP scanners under VISTA/Windows 7
http:///ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c56796655& lc=en& cc=us& dlc=& product=957888
Scanjet 8555c is compatible but many others are not.

This application always works. Plenty of features for any scanner out there. Can't find software and drivers for your scanner/OS version? No problem because VueScan will do the trick.

Same here, two HP 5955C scanners and recent upgrade to W7. They no longer work. No drivers.
HP has missed the boat on this one. The new scnners will be some other brand.

Put quickly HP out of business. They have no sense of responsibility towards their clients. Just want to make money selling new products when old ones are still working case: Scanjet G8565 not working with Windows7. I know now how to advise colleagues asking which brand to choose: any except HP

Financial professionals are constantly handling a variety of sensitive documents in large volumes, and since the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the need for quality record-keeping is now greater than ever. Whether you're handling invoices, tax documents, loan applications, or anything in-between, having an HP dedicated scanner promotes efficiency, saves time, reduces storage costs, and simplifies record-keeping so that you can deliver the best possible service without interruption.

since HP96CV 85 years ago i choosed HP but now.
also all my HP scanners in the company are making trouble. stop in the middle of scanning and take only time and massive nerves, at least HP could say in the beginning do not even try to use your old scanner, bring it to the HP store and we will giv you a spezial price for the new one. now we did spend so much money in working howers in this project !!! why should i stay With HP in the future ??????


Virtual PC XP Mode worked for me EVEN THAT MY CPU IS NOT FIT FOR VIRTUALIZATION. That's the kind of good news I was waiting for sinds a while. There's a hotfix included in the downloads.
Note: Windows XP Mode is only available in Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate.
Other versions will accept a third party software like WmWarePlayer. Works fine also.

Many are those who have a Win XP install disc. Download VMware Player from http:///products/player/ and install with ease a virtual XP OS.


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