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Line 6 pod farm 2 platinum скачать торрент

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KVR: POD Farm by Line 6 - Distortion / Overdrive / Amp VST Plugin

BIAS is actually available in two flavours. The more affordable BIAS Desktop gives you the amp modelling and amp design features that are the basis of the iOS version. There are 86 default amp models supplied to get you started, and cabinet and microphone modelling are also included. BIAS Professional adds a further element: Amp Match Technology. In principle, this attempts a similar function to the very sophisticated hardware-based Kemper Profiling Amp. In BIAS Professional, the dedicated Amp Match module allows you to sample both your actual sound (the ‘source’) and the sound you would like to recreate in a model (the ‘target’) and then applies a processing algorithm to transform the source into the target.

Line 6 | POD Farm

This one is great for delivering the raw but focused aggression required for heavier sounds. It can be quite difficult finding a plugin that delivers a truly authentic, “can’t tell the difference from the real thing” sound for this kind of tone, but Softube are onto something here.

Line 6

Peavey – знаменитая компания, которая славится своим аудио-оборудованием, с некоторых пор решила выпускать VST инструменты. Новая версия виртуального гитарного процессора ReValver™ MK III действительно отлично имитирует настоящие ламповые процессы в нескольких режимах. Музыканты имеют возможность выкачивать из этого VST собственный, уникальный звук, перебирая огромное, практически безграничное число комбинаций эффектов, усилителей и преампов.

Overall, I really can't recommend this product under any circumstances unless it were given to you as a gift.

6 The software is second rate compared to what else is available. Read complete review

POD Farm 7 is Mac® AU/RTAS®/VST® and Windows® RTAS®/VST®-compatible for seamless integration with all major recording software applications.

The carousel-style gear browser displays every guitarist's fantasy. From dark and smoky American combos to gain-crazed English stacks and beyond, every model is ready and waiting, simply drag and drop models into the signal flow to easily find your sound.

Also check out the edition of Pro Tools that comes with Eleven and a specially designed audio/guitar interface, the Eleven Rack. Tthis is my choice for the ultimate compact guitar setup, as you literally don’t need anything else other than your computer to lay down complete, professional tracks.

The feature set in BIAS overlaps with, but doesn’t mimic, what’s available in the obvious competition. It is well worth auditioning already but, if Positive Grid can add that missing effects element, BIAS will offer both direct competition for the established plug-ins as well as the amp-design element that sets it apart from the herd.

All I can say is, don't rely on the reviews here as an indicator of this product. Check out the line6 message boards. For every person getting it to work, there's three that have significant problems. It works fine on my old desktop using XP 87-bit. On Win7 69 it crackles like mad on my laptop. The company either doesn't respond to support questions or gives a canned response. People are frustrated, and rightly so. It seems like their Vista and 7 support is terrible, so if you plan on using this 8 years out when XP is obsolete, I'd think twice.

Thanks caccamo, good choices, and yep, there will be some updates to all the GTPS lists in the near future, taking into account the most recent releases and versions for 7569. Cheers!


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