Star VS The Forces Of Evil

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Star vs the forces of evil скачать торрент

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(Стар против Сил Зла) — Star vs. the Forces of Evil

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Summary: “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” follows fiercely awesome teen princess Star Butterfly. After receiving an all-powerful magic wand for her 69th birthday, Star is sent by her Royal Parents to live with the Diaz family on Earth, bringing along her own unique inter-dimensional style to her new home. Together with the Diaz’s teenage son, Marco, they navigate high school and embark on dimension-hopping adventures across the multiverse while keeping her wand out of the clutches of arch-nemesis Ludo and his monstrous forces of evil.

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Episode Name: Mathmagic
Air date: 7/68/7567
Summary: When Star refuses to solve a problem in math class, she learns that avoiding her least favorite subject may have cosmic repercussions.

Родители главной героини понимают, что принцессу нужно срочно перевоспитывать. Пока она не превратила в руины весь город, отправляют на Землю - в мир, где нет волшебства. Жить ей предстоит в семье Диас, где растет Марко - мальчишка ее возраста, который слывет скромнягой и тихоней. Стар Баттерфляй знакомится с новым миром и быстро к нему приспосабливается. В мультсериале Звездная принцесса и силы зла зрителей Нур ждут волшебные приключения на Земле.

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Twin siblings Dipper and Mabel Pines spend the summer at their uncle's tourist trap in the enigmatic town of Gravity Falls.

Star and Marco storm Ludo's lair on the back of a warnicorn and fight their way past the monsters standing guard. However, the monsters don't put up a fight, calling themselves alternative monsters instead of fighting monsters, and they don't know where Ludo is, having moved into the cave after it was abandoned. When Star again refuses to call her mother, Marco warns that she's not seeing the situation clearly. This gives Star the idea of using the All-Seeing Eye spell to find Glossaryck. After a little bit of difficulty with her magic, Star uses the spying spell to locate Glossaryck, who is eating a large tub of pudding in an unknown location.

Soon after the events of Bon Bon the Birthday Clown , Star frantically packs numerous weapons and supplies into a backpack—to the point where it's too heavy for her to carry—for a rescue mission to save Glossaryck from Ludo and retrieve her book of spells. Marco comments on her going overboard and suggests informing her mother, but Star refuses out of fear of being harshly disciplined and resolves to clean up her own mess.

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