Драйвер HP ScanJet 3400c для Windows 10, macOS и другие

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Hp scanjet 3400c драйвер для windows 7 x32

Название: Hp scanjet 3400c драйвер для windows 7 x32
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Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3400C - libere las revisiones de la

I have to agree with many of you on this site that expressed your disgust with HP and not supporting hardware in Windows 7. I have a scanjet 8975 which is perfectly fine - I purchased it to scan some of my old slides. I am an IT person who has in the past, sang the accolades of HP gear. No more. Their answer on their website was essentially - sorry, you are out of luck. It would take what, a few days to come up with a Win 7 69bit driver? HP you SUCK. No more HP computers for my company.

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An add-on to my previous comment: I tried using Windows 7 update to get the driver for my Scanjet 8585c, but the Windows 7 update service didn't admit to anything.

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Windows update CANNOT find a driver for my HP Scanjet 9875. It should be available on the HP site since it is an HP product!!!

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My perfect and well maintained HP Scanjet 7755c no longer supports Windows 7. Im a person who takes care of all my gadgets and suddenly knowing that my new both Windows 7 does not support my HP Scanjet 7755c. This makes me angry!

since HP96CV 85 years ago i choosed HP but now.
also all my HP scanners in the company are making trouble. stop in the middle of scanning and take only time and massive nerves, at least HP could say in the beginning do not even try to use your old scanner, bring it to the HP store and we will giv you a spezial price for the new one. now we did spend so much money in working howers in this project !!! why should i stay With HP in the future ??????


as example Logitech supports me as user for all input peripherals i own from them since decades.
i own some which are older as 65 years, they are still supported.
due to that i trust them and will also buy further products from them.
that's the way to handle a custumer.
furter i will wherever i can recommend Logitech
quality is outraking
support as well.

a dressman with a pepsodentsmile helps little!

I am going to have to recant that statement. After it working perfectly the first time, I was never able to use it again without errors and the scanner hardware crashing. I'm not sUre how it could have operated fine the first time and then subsequently not.
After researching a lot on compatibility before I tried installing my Scanjet 9555c on Windows 7, I came to the conclusion it wasn't supported, including the HP ste not having a driver for it. I was able to install it as normal without any problems at all!

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One thing is to have basic drivers, which makes it a pain to use the scanner. Another is to have the real drivers. If you buy a Super car and then the engine stops working, you will not be happy if the maker gives you a 6555cc engine to use on it and tells you, look you cars works..I have a perfect good scanner, 8975, and now I will have to scrap it, as HP does not have drivers for it for win 7. This just mean 6 thing, bye bye HP, hello Canon.

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