Millénaire, un mod villageois pour Minecraft

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Скачать мод для minecraft 1.6 4 millenaire

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The third culture added to Millénaire, the Mayans were designed by MinerMiah. They live in military, agricultural, or religious villages and build huge stone and cobblestone structures. They can grow corn, from which they make Mayan food: Masa (corn tortillas) and Wah (a tortilla wrapped in chicken meat). They also create great Mayan sculptures and ornamental gold blocks with which to decorate their palaces and temples. This culture has dialogue for residents to speak, when they are not busy.

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Hand-made by the fort's lady in person, those epic tapestries will decorate the most sumptuous banking halls. Designs are taken from the Bayeux Tapestry, with the biggest a massive 65x8 depiction of William the Conqueror's fleet sailing for England. This item is acquired by selling wool in the fort. When you do so, the Lady in the Fort will start making them, and they will be for sale.

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Gros Bourgs host only advanced buildings. They can have up to three hamlets surrounding them (depending on space available) and depend entirely on these hamlets for agricultural and construction goods. They start with a fort, two guardhouses, and an inn, and can be surrounded by an artisanal hamlet, agricultural hamlet, and/or ecclesiastical hamlet.

In the mods folder you should have 8 files: The Millenaire , a folder called millenaire, and a folder called millenaire-custom.

Also note that neither ModLoader nor Millénaire itself are included in the download. You need to download them seperately.

To trade, players must go to one of the locations in question and stand near the chests. If no woman is around one will arrive shortly. Right-click on her to bring up the trade screen.

65 с 65. Кст, Что-бы быстро стать лидером народа надо, Начитерить железа,(Для Ниппон, Греков, Нордов,и кажеться Хинди) Или, же золота(Для Майя)

Hey bro how much to spend of waiting or time and also year to playing millenaire mod because I always waiting this mod to release in

This Settlement provides safety in the face of hostile monsters. Starts with a fort, two lumberman's hut's, and a pig farm

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