[][SMP] Flan's Old Mods : Planes, WW2 Guns, Vehicles

Добавлен: 03 February 2018
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Скачать мод на aircraft на майнкрафт 1.7.2

Название: Скачать мод на aircraft на майнкрафт 1.7.2
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Download flans mod for weapons for Minecraft +

With this modification you can add to the game planes, cars, tanks, guns, grenades and more. You can enjoy peaceful flight in the sky or travelling in their worlds, with special packs of weapons and destroy everything that you meet on the way. Each add-on pack for Flan's Mod running on the server, through which you can play various game modes, capture the flag, Deathmatch and team Deathmatch with a bunch of gear, weapons and various will allow you to move not only the simple combat aircraft during the 7nd world war, but on a huge passenger liner with a beautiful interior that fits a few people. In this ways, the movement is not over.

Aircraft (Zeppelin) Mod // | Minecraft Mods

The Mine Little Pony mod adds new player models and textures that make players look like ponies in inspired by the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Once the mod is installed, you and all other players with a special pony skin will look like ponies in both singleplayer and multiplayer! The mod is adjustable to allow players without a special pony skin either to appear normally or to show up as background characters from the show.

MC Helicopter Mod (Jets, Passenger Planes)

ModTweaker is an addon for CraftTweaker, a recipe manipulator utility for Minecraft. It allows you to modify the recipes of other mods that add their own crafting mechanics

We have a custom auto installer program that automatically installs the mods you want to either your vanilla minecraft or one of our mod packs with the same minecraft version!

Flan’s Mod / is a huge mod for Minecraft which adds planes, cars, tanks, guns, grenades and more in a customisable content pack system. Enjoy peacefully flying through the Minecraftian skies and driving through your worlds or get some more destructive content packs and stab, shoot and detonate mobs, blocks and even other players.

Chat Bubbles is a mod that displays things other players say above their heads in a chat bubble, like some MMORPGs. Works on most multiplayer servers, but if a server has a super customized format for chat lines that is far enough away from normal it may not work on that server. It is possible to make custom regex lines to add support for individual servers that are not supported out of the box.

Скины по никам для Майнкрафт это отличный способ выделиться и сделать свой внешний вид более уникальным и интересным.

TabbyChat is a client-side mod for Minecraft that aims to make the multiplayer chat interface more organized, managable, and user-friendly. The primary feature of TabbyChat is to organize chat messages into different channels, and to represent those channels via tab-like buttons displayed above the chat interface

мод добавит военный истрибитель. ШТА!? какой истребитель? вы хотя бы мод смотрели? он блок-контроллер добавляет который позволяет летать на чем вы будете писать описание к модам то сначало просмотрите его а потом уже и пишите описание. а сам мод класс особенно устраивать эпичные баталии с друзьями так это вообще зашибись

Teams Mod is designed to allow you to play FPS-like gametypes on your Minecraft server. To use it, you will need to be op on your server.


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